Turkey and the EU entry

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During a recent meeting between the Turkish minister for EU admission (yes there is one) and his European counterpart, the EU minister admitted that Turkey has a much better balance sheet than most of his fellow European states that are members  of  EU. The Turkish  minister echoed this statement saying – “yes we are much better off than most  European members and by the way we will continue with those reforms required to enter in the EU”    (that so reluctantly the member states are adopting!  I may add) .

Turkey has been kept knocking at the European door for several years now, and during the admission process  the bar has been raised  by the Europeans. I started to feel a little disappointment by the Turkish people and entrepreneurs in 2008 and by now the discontent about European behaviour is getting bigger and bigger. The economical performances of Turkey have given further confidence to the people that,  at the end of the day,  the European admission is not so crucial as they once thought. The problem of the Turkish admission is not political, religious or human rights, it is economical. By 2023 Turkey would the second largest economy  in Europe,  above the French and probably having such a giant to deal with is the problem, especially for the agricultural policy that the French  are dictating.

I have said several times that if Europe does not admit Turkey in the Union,  by 2023 they (the Turks) will form a Turkish speaking  economical union (and there are several hundred million of Turkish-languages  speaking people and in countries very rich with natural resources!) By then the EU will have to come to terms with this entity and not viceversa,  probably.

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